The Rise in Popularity of Mobile Casino Gaming

There is no doubt about the following technological trends: mobile phones have become ubiquitous, they are continually increasing in capability, and people have a strong affinity for playing games on them, including casino gaming. The allure of convenience is undeniable; you can satisfy your gaming cravings whether you’re on the go during your morning commute, waiting at the doctor’s office for what seems like an eternity, or even when you’re comfortably seated and don’t feel like perusing the TV guide for the thousandth time, perhaps during your moments of solitude.

The Options Just Keep Coming

A multitude of mobile casino games, featuring diverse variations to suit various preferences, is readily available today. Fortunately, you can delve into detailed information about these games at platforms like The Casino Database and similar ones. These platforms provide a rich and varied gaming experience, including free options, ensuring you can explore and enjoy a multitude of choices.

Every conceivable game type has been digitized in the modern day, from Texas Hold’em to Roulette, from beloved themed slot machines to random dice-rolling games. Casino gaming is accessible on tablets and smartphones of all kinds, not just the mainstream iOS and Android platforms. Developers have even extended their efforts to include less-popular devices like Windows phones.


It’s worth noting that games are the number one type of application on both iOS and Android by a wide margin, with more than double the number of downloads compared to the next closest category, which is business apps. Given this popularity, it’s no surprise that games, especially in the casino genre, receive robust support.

What also aids games in this category and other pay-to-play type games is the ability to spend money with little barrier to entry. Whilst Ukash and PayPal have been around for a while and are well-established household names when it comes to payment options, innovative platforms are emerging such as paying by phone bill, either at the end of the month or as you go. Mobile phone deposit by phone bill is just one of the many ways that the medium is evolving to draw more and more users to play mobile casino games.

Connected to More Pockets

TThe ongoing progression of technology has played a significant role in the growing trend of more people embracing online casino gaming services. The availability of improved bandwidth and data plans for an increasing number of smartphone users has been instrumental. In 2014, a noteworthy milestone was achieved as mobile platforms became the most popular means of accessing the internet in the United States.

To be specific, a staggering 55% of all internet usage now occurs through mobile devices, a figure that would have likely been unimaginable less than a decade ago. Within that 55%, 8% is attributed to phone browsers, while 47% of all internet traffic in 2014 was channeled through apps in the United States.

The numbers are anticipated to grow to astronomical proportions, so the evolution of the industry is just beginning. With estimates that place mobile gaming as much as $100 million in two years’ time, and with approximately 164 million users forecast to access their favourite gambling apps just one year later, it is clear that there is a huge future for these kinds of services.