Spanish Christmas Lottery 2017 – Play Online

The Loteria de Navidad is a Spanish Christmas Lottery which provides the hugest prize pool in the whole lottery market, valued at €2.38 billion.

100,000 raffle numbers are present and all of them have a 5-digit code ranging from 00000 to 99999. For every Loteria de Navidad, 170 certified prints are available. Every ticket has an overall of 10 shares present for purchase.

The Loteria de Navidad provides winners with winning odds of 1:7.

Is it possible to play Loteria de Navidad from Canada?

This is possible with Lottosend. When you buy your shares online for the Spanish Christmas Lottery, you become the certified owner of the ticket shares.

The play page enables you to view the tickets’ scanned copies and you will also obtain the scan through e-mail in your certified account on Lottosend. In this regard, you are the sole official owner of any winnings generated by your ticket.

Playing Loteria de Navidad on Lottosend 

The Lotedia de Navidad presents the hugest lottery raffle in the whole world, as it offers an astounding prize pool of €2.38 billion. In order for you to play the Spanish Christmas Lottery online, you should buy shares for tickets (in Spanish this is ‘billete’).

Every ticket has a 5-digit code and for every ticket, 10 shares are available. You are able to view scans of present raffle tickets on the left-hand side. To purchase one share or more for a ticket on Lottosend, you can utilize the buttons for “-” and “+” in the section for Quantity of Shares.

Go through the Available Shares section so as to see the precise number of shares that are still available to buy for the ticket you have chosen. 

The Awesome Prizes provided in the Loteria de Navidad

The Spanish Christmas Lottery differs from other lotteries that have one huge jackpot, as it offers many jackpot prizes (170). The value of each is €4 million.

Just one 5-digit code is present; however, since the ticket has 170 copies, 170 prizes of €4 million are present. For every ticket, 10 shares are present for purchase.

Even a single share in a ticket that wins the jackpot offers players an entire €400,000. This makes the Spanish Christmas Lottery rank as a major function of the year.

Another ticket featuring a 5-digit code shall be drawn for the 2nd prize whose value is €1.25 million. In regard to the jackpot 170 copies of the ticket are available as well as a single share valued at €125,000. Due to this, the Loteria de Navidad winners are very many.

Draw Ceremony for the Loteria de Navidad

Loteria De Navidad’s official draw takes place on 22nd November and is among the hugest functions of the Christmas period. This draw is televised.

The San Ildefonso School children sing each of the winning digits, which makes the ceremony uniquely charming. Normally, one kid sings the 5 digits in the winning code while the others sing the prize. 

What guarantee do you have that you will your Loteria de Navidad Prize?

When you use Lottosend to play the Spanish Christmas Lottery, you become the only certified owner of your raffle tickets shares. In this regard, you shall obtain the whole sum you have won, without the need of paying any extra taxes to Lottosend.

You are able to see the results for the Loteria de Navidad on the website and you shall be informed in case you are a winner. You will be guided on each step concerning the prize collection procedure.

The Loteria de Navidad Commercials

Each year the Loteria de Navidad offers an extremely special commercial for the Xmas raffle. These are brief movies about Spanish individuals playing El Gordo.

The ad ‘Justino’ of the 2015 was a fabulous animation movie of 3.5 minutes that obtained 2 million views on YouTube in the initial couple of days following its release. It was a heartwarming tale about generosity and selflessness, which conveyed how significant the tradition of Loteria de Navidad, is.

The commercial of 2016 was a short film of 5 minutes that featured a moving tale about an elderly woman who believes that she is a winner of El Gordo and celebrates with the whole town, sharing her happiness.

The launch of the year’s formal Loteria de Navidad commercial is an experience in itself, due to the huge fame that these awesome ads have attained through the years.

Exciting information regarding the Loteria de Navidad 

Nearly 98% of the grownup populace of Spain engages is playing the Loteria de Navidad, turning it into a treasured Spanish tradition. In Spain, the Loteria de Navidad is called ‘El Gordo’ (The Fat One) due to its huge prize pools.

The very first Spanish Christmas Lottery was held in 1812, turning it into among the most ancient lotteries in the whole world. As the currency for the Loteria de Navidad prizes was changed to euros from pesetas, the whole period of the results event was reduced. This occurred as it takes a shorter period to sing the word ‘euro’ compared to the word ‘pesetas.’

The ticket for the Spanish Christmas Lottery 

Each year, the Spanish Christmas Lottery forms an extremely special model for the tickets. To honor the huge cultural heritage of Spain, the Loteria de Navidad tickets are inclusive of a digital print for the most valuable paintings in the history of Spain.

On the tickets for 2017, you are able to see a copy of The Adoration of the Shepherds or ‘Adoracion de los pastores.’ This is a Bartolome Esteban Murillo oil painting that was created in 1650. It is currently featured in the huge collection of National Museum of Prado.

The Loteria de Navidad offers more than a modest Spanish lottery as it already forms a section of Spanish tradition. Because of this, each tiny detail that is used to organize this awesome annual draw is implemented so as to honor all the fascinating elements regarding this great country.