Lottery Winners’ Reactions To The News & The Aftermath

Lottery games all around the globe have raised the hopes of many who are trying to escape the mundane and live glamorously. Although this lifestyle rarely comes without any effort or sacrifices, lottery winners are said to be among the lucky few who have seen their dreams come true.

Surely checking the lotto result and noticing a match between the numbers on your ticket and those drawn will throw you into frenzied disbelief. Since each lottery functions differently throughout the world, there’s bound to be some feeling of discomfort before reassurance arrives.

What Comes First – Disbelief or Happiness?

The UK lottery, for example, tends to notify their winners of any prize over £50,000 via phone. If you haven’t heard a recording of any of their conversations, there’s little chance to imagine what goes on in a winner’s head as they hear the news confirmed to them. Although the USA lottery won’t notify people personally, they are still expected to come forward and confirm their winnings at the state’s official lottery location.

In any case, some jackpot winners have claimed to feel complete disbelief and even a sense of panic as their day suddenly took a dramatic turn from the planned track. One person was said to have hung up the phone as officials were trying to confirm their winnings. They actually had to ring several times and wait for the news to sink in before proceeding with their duties.

Another girl supposedly caused the official on the phone some temporary ear damage as she screamed in happiness as soon as she heard the news. A certain Raffle winner from the UK, however, even screamed ‘I love you’ into the headphone so many times that you might even think it’s true.

All in all, odds are constantly trying to prepare you for the feeling of disappointment which usually follows but when it comes to winning, you are left to handle the situation all by yourself.

It’s Time To Do The Aftermath!

Once you have won the lottery, your head is bound to be spinning from all the possibilities. Nonetheless, there are some key things you need to do before going on a shopping, travelling or simply spending spree.

Deciding what to do with the money can get you carried away. Many winners thought of themselves as the only ones capable of managing their finances and ended up worse than before the jackpot. So, make sure you hire a team of professionals to guide you through the options.

Indulging yourself is OK, but bear in mind that binge-shopping can cause some serious damage on the long run. The same goes for charitable donations. It’s completely acceptable to do some good with your money, but make sure you’ve checked their credibility first.

Ultimately, the greatest risk of mishandling your money comes from family pressure. Financial advisors always include a warning – it’s one thing to help your friends and family but it’s completely different when your jackpot is used as their financial backer.