Live Virtual Reality Casinos are Coming Soon

If you followed the news out of the 2017 Georgia Gaming Congress, you know that Virtual Reality and Live casinos were a hot topic of discussion. Approximately 200 people were in attendance, with about 25% being top executives at large gaming companies.

Much was discussed, but out of everything said, this projection stood out the most: Live casinos can boost the number of site users by 100% and revenues by 70%. Industry insiders know the value of live online gambling and want to provide more live casinos to online gamblers.

Online casinos that already offer live gaming have quickly become the official source for these projections. Players love live gaming, as evidenced by the large increases in site users and revenue live casinos have seen recently. Some industry analysts have called live casinos the next revolution in online gaming.

While the live casino boom is far from over, there’s a new revolution taking shape right now. Virtual reality is on everyone’s mind. Players are anxiously waiting for VR to become more available, and casinos are working hard right now to provide them with the new platform as quickly as possible.

With VR devices starting around $15, the affordability is already there for players. Even the more sophisticated devices can be picked up for just a few hundred dollars. As these devices become more commonplace in homes around the world, expect online casinos to create the ultimate VR gambling experiences.

Players can explore VR casino floors, interacting with nearly everything in the environment. They can have cocktails at the bar with fellow players before taking in the entertainment in the showroom, followed up with a session at their favorite casino game.

VR lets casinos offer players experiences beyond the game. Like entertainment and social gatherings. Experiences like these will give players more reason to spend time on the site, and VR is all about experience. The completely immersive experience VR provides is what appeals to so many users.

Alone, live gaming and VR are excellent opportunities for online casinos, but expect these casinos to combine the experience, giving the player the best of both worlds.