Why Live Games Are Your Best Bet at Online Casino Winnings

It’s one thing when you’re taking a little chance with your money just for the fun of it and you don’t really harbour any ambitions of referring to yourself as anything like a professional gambler, but if visiting an online casino platform is about more than that for you, then I highly recommend getting at least a basic knowledge of statistics before you can even try to refer to your next bet as an “educated bet.” Really, download even that free e-book you can get about the basic fundamentals of stats and a whole new world of opportunities will be opened up to you.

Well even if you’re not acquainted with even the most basic of statistical principles, one thing you’d still be well aware of is the fact that when it comes to online gambling, there’s no such thing as a sure bet. Well, there is, but your winnings are really nothing more than being all the way negligible if you do hunt down and engage in sure bets, as some hedge bettors do through the use of different platforms. If you introduce online casino bonuses into the mix then it becomes a different story and is no longer something that can be referred to as hedge-betting, but rather making use of statistical principles to all but guarantee your winnings.

If you go this route though you’ll forever have to chase the next new online gambling platform to join as this “sure-betting” or hedge-betting relies upon the main signup or joining bonuses. You can join a gambling site and bet on live games (if interested, check out casinos123.com). Online gambling sites can give you the opportunity to win large amounts of money if you have proper knowledge about how to win.

So the next best thing if you want to improve your odds of winning – and this is just one of the logical conclusions you’ll be able to come to yourself after getting a basic grounding on statistical principles – is to engage in live online casino games. Play online casino games which take the online casino experience to the next level and are hosted live, with many other participants tuning in to take their chance at winning, but most importantly, to add to the pot of winnings which is up for grabs.

You’d best even target those live casino games which resemble the physical casino setting, such as the roulette, quite simply because as we all know by now, the likes of slots machines are definitely programmed (in fairness with a randomiser script) to give back a certain percentage of the house takings as winnings, but with something like a live roulette table there can’t be any programming. It’s the spin of the wheel which determines the winnings, which is precisely the reason why you’d have casino floor managers resolving to close certain tables when one or more gamblers are — as they put it, “killing us” with their winnings.