Learn How to Bet on Rugby

As one of the nations favourite sports, rugby is becoming increasingly popular to bet on. It is a relatively high scoring game, which means there is often a whole range of markets to choose from. If you want to know how to bet on rugby and get the most out of your wagers then read on for our basic guide to rugby betting.

Rugby betting events

Most bookmakers will offer a variety of both Rugby Union and Rugby League betting markets. The most popular betting events in rugby betting are the major Rugby Union tournaments such as the 6 Nations, the Championship, and the World Cup. If you want to learn the best rugby league tips from professional bettors, head to websites like Winning Edge Investments and other similar ones. As there’s always some form of rugby happening somewhere in the world, there’s a lot of opportunities to place bets and win money. One good place to see a list of fixtures is on any betting site, for example, the Ladbrokes Rugby page, but if you need a bit more help understanding how to bet on Rugby check this out.

Popular Markets

As with most sports, the simplest market is match betting. This is whereby you bet on the team to win the match, and if they win, you win. However, as opposed to football, there isn’t usually much value in this type of bet in rugby. This is because the favourite is always likely to come out on top due to the sheer amount of points on offer. For example, in football, an underdog could take an early lead and defend for the rest of the match to win. This is a lot less likely in rugby.

Another popular bet is Handicap betting. For the handicap market, bookmakers will assign a handicap to either team. This type of supremacy bet allows punters to gain some value from what is otherwise an expected result.

Tournament betting is a popular bet for most sports. This is a bet placed on a particular team to win a tournament or championship and is a common favourite for more advanced punters. Other popular rugby markets include First Try Scorer, Last Try Scorer and Total Points.

Top Tips and Betting Strategies

Assess team form – As for any type of betting, it’s a good idea to carry out some research prior to making a wager. Study the recent W-D-L figures for each team to determine their recent form.

Keep up to date – It’s important to keep up to date with team news and changes to any fixtures or events. For example, the RFU recently proposed to reduce the length of the Six Nations to six weeks, by removing one of the tournaments’ two rest weeks, as reported by the Guardian. This could have a serious impact on player performance.

Check the weather forecast – It may not seem like an obvious factor, but the weather can have a serious affect on the results. Dry conditions tend to lead to fast paced, expansive matches where the backs see a lot of the ball, whereas wet and muddy conditions will lead to dour, forward dominated encounters. Consider the usual style of play for your selected team and how this might affect them.

Where is the match being played? – As with any sport, it’s usually considered that the home team have the advantage. The away side face unfamiliar surroundings, lengthy travel and a diminished crowd support. This is of particular concern for international matches, where players may be faced with unfamiliar climates.

Now you are familiar with the basics of rugby betting, you can take full advantage of the markets on offer. Whether you want to up the ante and make a match more interesting or you’re looking to make some serious money off your favourite team, it’s all possible with rugby betting.