How to Effectively Segment Your Betting Budget Allocation

It’s perhaps a skill they don’t teach at school, but as part of the budget allocation of any adult who harbours some hope of rapid financial advancement, part of your funds with which you explore economic opportunities should indeed be allocated to higher-risk, higher-reward type “ventures” such as betting. As the saying goes, you can’t win the lotto if you don’t buy a ticket, so buy a ticket, but you need to effectively segment this betting budget allocation.

Stick to a fixed budget

Don’t bet more money than you can afford to lose – simple as that, period! If you can only afford to bet with £100 per month for example, then do not go a single penny beyond that, ever. The only way you can go above that limit is if you’ve benefitted from something like a No Deposit Bonus from platforms such as Royal Panda, in which case you could effectively even go on to double the initial budget with which you have to bet.

Otherwise when that allocated maximum runs out, wait until next month to bet again, in the meantime perhaps playing just for fun, since there are indeed so many games which are actually quite a lot of fun.

Low-odds betting channels

Part of this fixed budget within which you’ll remain should go to low-odds betting channels such as buying lottery tickets, but this should only be about 1-5%. Ideally not more than 2%, simply because when it comes to low-odds betting channels such as the lottery, the odds of winning aren’t increased by anything close to what is a significant amount if you decide to play more combinations.

The best way to approach this is betting a single set of numbers which you stick to religiously, for life!

Higher odds betting channels

A Royal Panda review of the mentioned casino platform example comes back into focus here, as we consider those betting channels which offer much higher odds than the likes of buying a lottery ticket. So the remaining budget would indeed be allocated to these higher odds betting channels, such as online slots casinos and even sportsbooks.

The key to any chance of success it consistency, just as is the case with something like betting on the lotto, but here you have a higher chance of winning and you can actually spend more time actually playing the games because of the amount of fun they offer.