Gambling – for Mugs or Dreamers?

One of the major attractions of gambling is that you actually think you are going to win with every bet. I mean that’s natural I suppose. Would you even bother betting on an outcome if you thought there was no chance of you winning? Not likely. This daydreaming of gamblers is what gets them excited. Even as you place your money on a crap table, on the roulette wheel mat, or raise a bet on the cards you are holding, there is that image in your mind of what you will actually do with the winnings.

I wonder if that’s the reason why some lottery winners are broke a few years after their win – they didn’t dream of winning? The chances of taking out the jackpot in a major lottery are minuscule, millions to one really, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a ‘winning contingency’ plan in place, does it? Sometimes the daydreams become reality and if you’re not prepared, you will just be in party mode for a few years until the money runs out.

I for one have a plan. I’ve had the same plan for years J and haven’t had to use it yet, unfortunately. While things like holidays and cars and a beautiful house form the central part of the plan, the rest of it is all about sharing and investing. They say you can’t take it with you but there’s no rule to say that you can’t leave a bit of happiness to others after you go.

follow the 49s main draw online

Betting on Lotto Jackpots is a once a week hobby. The rest of my gambling craziness is spent on horses, online casinos and because I love my football, I don’t mind a bit of a bet on my team. If you look at the way bookmakers set their betting cards, you can find many different games in a number of different leagues that are in other countries. There’s also the 49’s which is a lotto game with numbers drawn twice a day, once at lunchtime (12.49pm) and again at tea time (4.49pm). You can follow the 49s main draw online on some different outlets. A mere £1 bet can give you £601 if just three of your numbers come up. The odds on that are much better than winning the jackpot.

The dream of winning is available to punters in almost anything in the way of sport. People like to buck the odds. That’s why bookmakers avail themselves of every conceivable way to entice people to make a bet. It’s all about the odds of something happening, or, not happening. The way betting is structured means that dividends are on offer for not just the winner but also place getters. For example, horse racing pays for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. In the case of the Melbourne Cup in Australia, there is also a dividend on offer for the horse that runs last! Don’t forget, everything in moderation is the key!