Fortunate lottery winners started 2017 in a spectacular way

While most of the people settle down at the end of the year to review the past year, some take the bold step and take a chance in one of the big lotteries. On last New Year´s Eve some lucky winners got more to celebrate than only the fresh beginning of 2017; they started the new year as millionaires as a result of their winning lotto results.


1.Multiple winners share $31.000.000 in Australia´s Lottery

On the last day of the year, 23 ticket holders spread throughout Australia matched the main numbers 11, 18, 40, 16, 4 and 31 in the Australian Lotto. Together they share the magnificent amount of $31.000.000, which comes to around $1.300.000 per winner. These lucky players purchased their ticket from newsagents located in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South and Western Australia.

2.One lucky ticket in the UK´s Lotto with a £26.400.000 prize

On the other side of the world, one lucky ticket holder got surprised with an amazing prize of more than £26 million. The Lotto player was actually extra lucky, because he didn´t even match all the winning numbers: Camelot announced, before the draw took place, that there won´t be a rollover on that Saturday night, meaning that there had to be a winner, regardless all the matching numbers or not. Since the winner was only one digit away from the prize, it got assigned to him.

3.Kenyan farmer wins close to $1.000.000

A famer from Kenya won one of the biggest windfalls in Central and East Africa, with this prize of approximately $1.000.000. Geoffrey Kungu, the 40-year-old fortunate famer who bought his ticket for the Lotto Shinda Mamili Charity seemed to possess the winning ticket, as the outcome of the New Year´s Eve draw showed.

Kungu is very surprised with the result, but seems have it all under control.  “I will sit down with my family and get the best advice before I invest the amount. We all know that not many people have the privilege to budget for Sh100.000.000. I pray to God to help me and my family spend it wisely,” thus the winning famer.

This new year started with some new millionaires: take your chance and play for the next Eurojackpot. You could be the next with the winning numbers!