Marvel comic is currently a cultural force in the entire globe not only in the world of comic writing, but also in games, toys, merchandise and movies. Online gambling has not been left behind because Playtech has licensed a few Marvel superheroes and crafted games around different teams and characters that have become very popular via movies and comics.

Marvel Online Slot Machines

I like playing Marvel slot machines as they are true to their source material while the games are very interesting to play. I can guarantee you that you can enjoy the adventures in these awesome slot machines whether you have loved Marvel’s characters for years or just discovered them in recent movies.

The Game Play

Each of Marvel’s game is unique in game play and presentation features. Despite all of them being connected to Marvel Jackpot system, they are uniquely designed to fit the material they are based on.

The X-Men slot machine features all of the villains and heroes of the comic book series such as Nightcrawler, Magneto and Wolverine. Its game play is more like a regular slot machine with twenty five paylines and 5 reels, and the aim is to match as many characters as you can across the active paylines. In addition to comic characters, the game captures the taste of the X-men in its bonus rounds. If you get 3 X-men symbols on the reels, you trigger the popular Heroes versus Villains bonus round.

The game begins with the Heroes mode in play where you are treated to uncountable free spins that are very lucrative than normal because the hero appears only on reels. In case you get the wild symbol, Magneto, on the center reel, the game switches to Villains mode. Here, the reel is filled with only villains, and you can win just like in Heroes mode. Unfortunately, you only have 8 free spins in this mode.

Another super machine that does well with its play material is the Iron Man 2 slot machine. It is based on Iron Man 2 film and takes larger than life characters and incorporates and suits them in the machine as it have icons that span 2 spaces on the reels. It features a free spinning session which starts with a two multiplier on all the wins. Each time you win, the multiplier goes up by one, thus your wins increases throughout the entire 10 free spins sessions.

The Daredevil slot machine has a bullseye character where you can select a spot on the reels to place your target. You triple your win if the criminal with the bullseye appear on the spot you have chosen as part of your winning combination. In fact you triple your winning on that spot.