Everything You Need to Know about Lotteries


Virtually all of us has heard of The National Lottery, even if we don’t bother to play it; this is down to both the hype it generates and the big cash prizes attached. It has been seen as a waste of money and a great form of investment, all of which has only gone towards furthering the interest surrounding it. To those few outsiders that have never wanted to invest that £1 for the chance of staggering wealth, it can take a lot for them to understand why the game is what it is, and why it is so popular. What is more, it can also confuse people to know that there’s more than the national version.

Getting to grips with how to play is extremely easy, so much so that people who’ve never heard of it could buy a ticket and do it; you need only select six numbers ranging between 1 and 59, or alternatively you can get the numbers chosen for you via the Lucky Dip. Whichever way you decide those figures, if all six of the lottery balls are drawn and match yours, you’re the winner. There are smaller prizes for those that match two balls and over, all varying in value; should multiple players win the jackpot, the final amount is split equally.

Did you know though, that there are other lotteries available for you to play online at brands like Coral, all sporting different prizes and different ways to play? The aim of the games generally remain the same – pick several balls, match them – but what each match equates to can be very different. For example, in one game if you match three balls your odds will improve rather than end the game at just a £25 payoff, like in The National Lottery. Moreover, you are also able to experience different nationalities own variations of the game: Germany, Irish, Hong Kong. Alongside those, there are also options like the Health Lottery, which is statistically known to have more winning combinations than any other lottery available.

 It just goes to show that, love it or hate it, understand it or think it’s a waste of time, the lottery and all its different forms can be a great source of entertainment, you just need to discover the one that works for you.