Is the EPL title race as good as ever?

As of 19th March, Chelsea was twelve points above Man city, the only realistic challengers to Chelsea for the title. It is a healthy gap which gives Chelsea a breathing space ahead of their match at home this month. A win or dare I say a draw for Chelsea against Man City (as the only real title challenger) at the Bridge would more or less end the latter’s pursuit of the title to bed. However, the fixtures list in April looks difficult for Chelsea. The games in April for Chelsea include play Man City (Home), Man Utd (Away) and Everton (Away) .Though, I trust Conte to keep Chelsea’s players on their toes until it’s the title race is mathematically over. This is what’ll see them over the line.

There are some distractions for Chelsea in April which is good news for its EPL title rivals. For instance, Chelsea plays Spurs in the FA cup semi at Wembley on 22nd April, which should be good. Spurs can get physical. They will try and kick the Chelsea players off the pitch. This may tire the Chelsea players mentally and physically which in turn will affect their ability for future games. So, is the EPL title race as good as over? If you believe that is indeed the case then you can bet on Chelsea by visiting an online bookie like On the other hand, if you don’t think that Chelsea will win at a canter then you probably have good reasons for believing that.

One reason that Chelsea may not win the EPL this year is the team’s fixture list in April, the one mentioned above. Another factor that may prevent Chelsea from lifting the title this year is injury to any of its main players. Chelsea has played well as a team this season but discount the performances of Costa, Hazard, Fabregas and Moses and you’d find Chelsea occupying the 3rd or 4th spot in the league table. Injury to any of the aforementioned players could halt Chelsea’s race to the crown and give its rivals renewed hope. Though, to be honest, this is unlikely to happen. Instead, Conte will ensure that his players are fit and firing for the April games. I can see Chelsea winning at least two of their 4 EPL games in April.

As stated above, Chelsea rivals will catch it in the league only if it is hit with an injury crisis to a select player or 2 and even then they’ll have to win pretty every game. The fixture list for 2nd place Tottenham is Burnley (Away), Leicester (Away), Arsenal (Home) and United (Home). Surely, Tottenham won’t be winning all of them. In short, Chelsea is too far ahead for anyone to catch it. Though, stranger things have happened in the EPL so you shouldn’t lose hope if you’re betting on any on Chelsea rivals to lift the trophy in May.