Dota 2 betting – a new way of online gambling

The past ten years, online gambling has grown to become one of the most popular activities that we entertain ourselves with. While some just choose to gamble by purchasing a lottery ticket every now and then, others find it to be a daily pastime fun – a spark of excitement in our everyday lives.

Much of the excitement is of course due to the extra money that can be made if we’re lucky enough. Money that can reach life changing amounts in some cases. Who wouldn’t dream of winning the hundreds of millions that lotteries are regularly paying or setting a new record to the $1.5 billion Powerball win? Even hitting one of the tens of millions paid out in some slot machines would be a dream come true.

Well, as much as money often is a big incentive, some types of gambling are actually much about the amusement. The new phenomenon of Dota 2 betting is such a form of gambling. To understand what this means, we first have to cover the basics of what Dota 2 is.

So what is Dota 2?

This is short for Defenders of the Ancients 2 and is a highly strategic and popular video game played by more than ten million people each month. It’s a game played in teams of two with matches lasting anything from 20 minutes up to a hundred. Each team consists of five characters that have unique abilities used to kill enemies and neutral characters. In this proc, ss the characters grow stronger and can eventually destroy towers that are leading up to the enemy base, which if destroyed will win them the match.

The game has received a tremendous amount of recognition as prize pools that professional players can take part of have surpassed many of those you can find in traditional sports. To give you a few examples, the prize pool in the Dota 2 world championship, called The International, is way higher than Super Bowl’s in American football, Masters’ in golf and NBA’s in basket.

You’re of course wondering how big this prize pool is. Well, hold your horses. In the 2017 championship this had a stunning size of $24,687,919.00. That’s right, more than $24 million! The winning team shared more than $10 million and became millionaires from just one single tournament.

Although other tournaments played throughout the year haven’t reached nearly the same size, there have been one €3 million one, one €1.5 million one, two €1 million ones and several with a couple of hundred thousand.

A deeper look into Dota 2 betting

Now that you know what Dota 2 is, it’s clear that Dota 2 betting simply is a way to bet on the outcome of professional matches. This is a form of entertainment that’s become highly popular among fans of the game. It adds an extra level of excitement when following the matches being played, which hundreds of thousands of people find amusement in doing.

For some of you reading it might be odd hearing that you can bet on video games, but this is actually an industry that is rapidly growing and most bookmakers are adapting to it. Not only can you find already well-established betting sites offering odds on Dota 2, but there are several new ones that have launched recently only to offer the option of boosting mmr dota 2 for this game.

The fact is that betting on Dota 2 has become so popular that a lot of betting sites are offering a wide selection of different markets to bet on. This means that you aren’t only able to bet on the outcome of the match, but have several other options as well. This includes markets such as how many kills there will be in the match, which team will destroy the first tower and how long the match will last. There are plenty of others to be found as well, which gives bettors a more entertaining experience.

Although the extra level of excitement these bets bring to the match is a big part of why many bet, money is of course an incentive as well. This is especially true among those who have a great knowledge of the game and professional teams. The reason for this is because this skill that they possess can be used to find flaws in the odds offered by the bookmaker, hence taken advantage of to make a profit.