Dealing with Poker Players with Different Skills


When playing poker, it is possible to face different types of players. You will also be matched with players of different skills. This is true especially for online poker. Everything is random. You may be seated at a table where you have to battle it out with experts. There are times when you have to face someone who has never tried playing before. Either way, you have to be careful. There is no single strategy that applies to all types of players.


You might think that they are the easiest players to defeat. You are totally wrong. In fact, beginners are the most unpredictable. They sometimes go all in when in fact they should have folded. Since you bought their innocence, you gave in. As a result, they win with low value cards. It can be very frustrating. The best way to deal with beginners is to prolong the game until they are confused. For online poker, you can start talking about technicalities just to mess with their brain. Once they enter a territory they are unfamiliar with, it is easy for them to panic.

Fake experts

These are people who keep telling others they are really good at poker even if they are not. They are slightly easier to defeat than beginners. This is because there is something that messes up their game and it is their acting like an expert. You can show them just how bad their moves are or insult their decisions. This will start to shake them up because you don’t buy their acting. This will make them scared of you to the point that they won’t make the right decisions.

Real experts

These are people who have played Poker for several years. They know the ins and outs of the game. They have learned the best techniques to play with different types of players. They have also practiced poker with real people and poker online. They are obviously difficult to defeat, but it is still possible. Take note that in the end, poker is still a game of luck. If you are lucky to have cards of great value and they don’t, then you can easily pin them down. As experts, they have more control over their brains. However, it is still possible to mess them up. This is true especially when their skills are questioned.

Whatever type of player you have to battle against, it is important to be careful in making decisions. Avoid being too arrogant and cocky. Instead, you need to take things slowly. You have to analyze each move well and read the signs before playing each hand. Otherwise, you could suffer a devastating loss.

Image: (pazham)