Crypto Messaging Developments

As if in a bid to re-assure government whistleblowers that their brave stances of lifting the veil on mass government spying were not in vain, developers have mobilized a relentless privacy revolution, rapidly advancing crypto messaging Smartphone apps like NXTTY. Unlike in the case of the traditional, big corporations developing products aimed to be used by the masses, the user-community centered approach to the development of apps like the NXTTY crypto messenger resonates with users, as it addresses the growing concern surrounding the ease with which their personal data can be accessed.

Through their use of the NXTTY crypto messenger app, which works on both the iOS and Android platforms, users not only enjoy the benefits of the privacy which comes with encrypted messaging, but also get to actively contribute to the ever-growing sophistication of the crypto messaging infrastructure they’re using. The application’s versatility doesn’t limit users to technically arduous deployment efforts though, offering seamless switching between private and open chat. Users can also set up discreet profiles to chat privately or simultaneously call other users within the same interface.

While the privacy-related advantages of using a crypto messenger like NXTTY are obvious, users stand to gain a whole lot more out of their specific use of NXTTY. In addition to their daily use protecting their privacy and improving the system’s collective security, users stand to gain some monetary value out of NXTTY’s integrated crypocurrency, of which the development is taking place parallel to the development of the app itself. With their daily use of the app, the user enjoys a unique chance to become the owner of the next generation in cryptocurrencies, NXTTYcoins. The NXTTYconomy is currently under formation and expansion, comprised out of the NXTTYcoin cryptocurrency, which is also the trading currency of choice used within the full-featured NXTTY crypto messenger app.

The true value borne by the emergence of this new cryptocurrency resides in the fact that NXTTYcoins are earmarked to be interchangeable with other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (if you would want to know more resources such as might be handy). This means that NXTT crypto messenger users stand to benefit financially from their participation in the advancement of a new privacy technology and also use their gained monetary value in the real world. The revolutionary start to the NXTTY crypto messenger is facilitating the distribution of NXTTYcoins to the first 100,000 users that download and use the app, each of them receiving 2,500 NXTTYcoins. With such a dynamic start to new a frontier of crypto messaging and cryptocurrency production, NXTTY users are getting rewarded in more than one way for taking an interest in their own privacy.

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