The Classic Retro Bingo

The craze of the 50s is very much present online and everywhere else! As you may have noticed, in the fashion world, the retro look is now one of the most popular style that is still considered as fashionable. People seems to want to relive those golden times when life used to be much simpler. It is not only people from the 50s or 60s era who are particularly interested in everything retro but there are people of all age groups who have a special liking to the retro years and all that it brought to us.

When we think of the 50s and 60s, we can immediately associate it to the poodle skirts, saddle shoes, car hops, drive-ins, diners, hula hoops, etc. Nowadays, the retro style is making a phenomenal comeback in terms of fashion, interior design, and even bingo game. Yes, now people who have a common interest of the retro years have gathered at the retro-styled Bingo Extra website to indulge in their favourite game of bingo. This pastel coloured online bingo site is the perfect hangout for the 50’s and 60’s lovers, as it rightly represents those years, with its retro graphics, and bingo rooms such as The Diners, Drive In, Candy Store, etc.

The atmosphere of the 50’s reign in those hosted bingo rooms, which is always buzzing with conversation and exciting chat games. You can either play 90 Ball, 75 Ball, or 5 Line Bingo games on this site, and also catch prebuy games in rooms such as The Playground, Win-Win Wednesday, the Jukebox, and the 10K Slider. Players on this retro themed bingo site can also win huge jackpots at no extra cost, with the various Bingo Progressive Jackpots, such as the 90 Ball PJP, 75 Ball PJP, Lucky Numbers Progressive, Party Games, and the Bingo Lotto Progressives, where up to £5,000 can be won.

Bingo Extra is an inspirational online bingo site that has been able to bring in the essence of the 50s to everyone and it offers a wide range of slot games that can cater to the need of all players. These games can be sorted according to the particular features, number of pay-lines or even their themes, such as Magic and Myth, Egyptian Slots, Movie and Adventure, etc. Moreover, there is a wide range of table and card games at Bingo Extra to add some extra excitement to your gameplay.

With the popular retro trend dominating the fashion world, you can get the perfect inspiration to merge bingo and retro together to become the perfect source of style. Customised t-shirt, socks, hair accents, belts or even some jewellery make the difference to evoke the bingo fanatic that sleeps in you. You can even wear retro bingo bracelets or ball drop earrings that’s fun to wear with nearly all outfits.  You can start your vintage bingo look by heading to the nearest vintage shops or the various online vintage sites to have the perfect retro bingo appeal.