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‘Dogs Playing Poker’ and its legacy

Dogs Playing Poker refers to a series of sixteen oil paintings, all created by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Although Coolidge painted an images in 1894 and 1910 that followed the Dogs Playing Poker theme, it is the ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ series that Coolidge is well known for.

Dealing with Poker Players with Different Skills

When playing poker, it is possible to face different types of players. You will also be matched with players of different skills. This is true especially for online poker. Everything is random. You may be seated at a table where you have to battle it out with

Party time for 888 after cheeky punt

One of the key rules of having a punt is to secure the best price available, yet, in an interesting twist, digital entertainment has chosen to take the cheaper of two offers for its online bookmaking business and virtual casino that offers poker and bingo games.

Online poker for a living

In order to succeed in making your hobby into a job that pays, you will have to put in a lot of effort. Even if you are going to play online poker, you will have to spend hours after hours practicing, so that you become good. Bear