The Casino Records that you simply won’t believe

Not only is the casino a great place to socialise and make money, but is also home to some of the most incredible and impressive world records of all time. Some of these reflect the diverse nature of bricks and mortar casinos, which include a host of bars, eateries and entrainment outlets that wow millions of people of all ages and descriptions. Others highlight the money available through online platforms, which have helped to introduce gambling to a new and motivated demographic.

4 of the Best Casino Records that you will Not Believe

So whether you consider the casino records at royalvegascasino or those established at land-based outlets, there are some monumental achievements to be discovered. Here are some of our favourites: –

1. The Largest Amount won at Gambling

Let’s start with the big one, with a gambler in Finland having claimed a staggering 17,861,813 Euros on the Mega Fortune Slot in 2013. This result doesn’t come as a surprise, as Finland has some of parhaat nettikasinot (“the best online casinos”) accessible to it’s players. This broke the previous record of 11.7 million Euros back in 2011, which has been initially set by a Norwegian student who had been playing the exact same game. Both of these records were established in a virtual casino environment, while they highlight the potential winnings available through such a medium!

2. The World’s Largest ever Bacon Cheeseburger

From the sublime we come to the ridiculous, with the Black Bear Casino resort near Carlton, Minnesota holding the record for the world’s biggest ever bacon cheeseburger. This weighed in at a staggering 2,014 pounds, dwarfing the previous record-holder which measured just 881 pounds. The burger in question measured a staggering 10-feet in diameter, while it included 40 pounds of cheese, 60 pounds of bacon and a further 40 pounds of pickle.

3. The Longest ever Playing session

Online casinos are renowned for their long playing sessions, but it is hard to quantify the length of time that individuals spend at one virtual table or another. In contrast, the record for the longest-ever playing session was set at a Las Vegas casino, when a poker professional spent 115 consecutive hours in action (including occasional, five-minute recesses in-between games. While the record begs questions about toilet habits and the consumption of food, these are probably best left unanswered.

4. The Largest ever slot machine tournament

Whether you play on or offline, slot machines remain a heavy favourite that generate millions for players and platforms alike. The largest ever slot machine tournament took place in Las Vegas during 2013, when various providers of technological software combined to power an estimated 1,100 slots for a total of 5,000 participants. The tournament divided into two heats within a 24-hour period, with the top 20 performers sharing a combined jackpot of $100,000 and the winner claiming $50,000!