Which are the Best Online Progressive Jackpots?

We’re all familiar with lotteries which can boast multi-million jackpots, but what about finding jackpots at online casinos? There are plenty, let us tell you!


Since the age of online casino and gambling is maturing, it’s never been a better time to play online slots and casino games. And if you play the right ones, then you could also be in line to win a fortune.

In over a decade since it’s been possible to play online casino games, there have been many changes. Not only to the games and experience you can have of course, but also people’s perceptions. What was once considered a more taboo thing to do, it’s now become very popular play at online casinos and therefore people generally have a lot more trust for online casinos and gambling sites.

This is because online gambling sites are highly regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and most usually have long standing and faultless reputations. It’s not in any casinos business to provide you a bad service. It’s exactly how it is in land based casinos. So when an online casino is promoting their progressive jackpots well into the tune of several million, you also know that they are legitimate jackpots that you can win and people do win!

How to Play Online Jackpots Games

To play online progressive jackpots, all you need to do is find an online casino you’ll enjoy and look up the jackpot games to begin playing. There are plenty of online jackpots available to play online, most of which offer jackpot prizes well into the millions.

One of the most popular online progressive jackpot games is Netent’s Mega Fortune Slot, an online slot which launched in 2008 and has been changing people’s lives since. It’s also has gotten its name into the Guinness Book of Records too, for paying out the biggest online jackpot win so far. That’s right; one lucky Casino player from Finland won a staggering €17,000,000 from a small bet. Mega Fortune Slot became so popular that it got itself a sequel; a newer jackpot game called ‘Mega Fortune Dreams’ which launched a couple of years later with a newer, modern Caribbean theme.

Another notable and popular online progressive jackpot slot is Mega Moolah by Microgaming. This casino game has a minimum 1 million guaranteed jackpot, although it often pays out much more and offers a simple yet effective safari theme. You can play Mega Moolah Slot at any online casino which offers Microgaming games. If you’d like some tips on the latest recommendations then www.allgamblingsites.com will be able to help point you in the right direction of the best casino sites to play it at.

There are plenty other online jackpot games available to play, although the ones we mentioned above are the most popular and therefore offer the biggest jackpots.

To play these games, you may have to log into an online casino (similar to oxi.casino) and look for the jackpot games, usually located under the casino’s ‘jackpot’ tab. Have a look at the jackpots which are offering the biggest jackpots. It could be that a jackpot has just been won and therefore has a low jackpot and be less likely to pay out any significant win, so choose a game where the jackpot is high.

On a last note, each jackpot slot is different to one another, so we always suggest that you read the rules before you play. Most slots offer a bonus game which you’ll need to trigger to get a chance of winning the jackpot, and it can become very exciting when you hit those, but there’s no magic formula in how to win them. You just need to play them and have lady luck on your side.